Are Composite Dental Fillings Right for You?

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To determine if a composite dental filling is right for your cavity, your dentist will evaluate where it is in your mouth, and how large the cavity is. Composite fillings are ideal for those who have a small to medium sized cavity. Composite fillings are also ideal for placement on the front teeth because they are virtually invisible as they blend in with your natural teeth.

Made of a mixture of glass (or quartz) filler mixed in with the resin, composite fillings are popular for cavities and for bonding to the teeth in the front of the mouth. They are also metal-free and can be shaped like a normal tooth, making them blend in seamlessly.

When you have a cavity filled with a composite filling, you can expect the following:

1- The tooth will be isolated to keep it dry.

2- The decayed parts of the tooth will be cleared away.

3- The composite resin will be filled in to cover the opening, in layers.

4- With the help of a curing light, the resin is hardened in between each layer.

5- After the resin is hardened, it will be shaped to look like a normal tooth.

While composite fillings are popular because they are aesthetically pleasing, there are other benefits as well. Composite fillings can repair cavities without having to remove excess parts of the tooth, which keeps the tooth structure more intact. And because the resin is bonded onto the tooth is can handle chewing pressure and temperature extremes from hot or cold food and drinks.

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