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We have been with Dr. Yang for almost 17 years and very pleased with his excellent and thorough work! He is also very honest, friendly, and helpful! We could not be happier!!

Charles N.

This place is absolutely fantastic. At the end of every visit, everything was explained in detail on what needs to be done in the future. We highly recommend!

Samantha M.

Caring and honest dentist. Everyone in the office is a joy to deal with. It’s a small office, so they know you by name, and Dr. Yang does all the work himself.

Michelle V.

I’ve been going to Dr. Yang for 20 years and I don’t think I would trust anyone else with dental work. When I moved away, I had a hard time finding a dentist that I can count on. Dr. Yang is very cordial and really cares about his patients. I’ve only had two dentists in my life and the first one was very traumatic. After going to Dr. Yang, I no longer feel anxious when I need to see the dentist. He makes the whole experience comfortable, relaxing and painless. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist.

Nathan C.

My wife and I have been under Dr. Yang”s excellent care for nearly 20 years. We would see someone else only in some kind of extreme circumstance like having an emergency out of the country. Highly recommended.

Andre M.

Dr. Yang is a prosthodontist so why not get one of the most highly trained dental specialist for the same price as a regular dentist. I have been going to him for the past four years for routine dental checkups, had several fillings repaired and two caps installed. Totally satisfied with all of the work performed. His manner is always very professional, gentle mannered and caring for the patient. He never pushes a cosmetic or a dental procedure on you but calmly explains what he has found and what your alternatives including deferment would be. He does specialize in jaw pain, relief from sleep apnea and cosmetic work. However, he personally performs all services including your bi-annual teeth cleaning and polishing. Dr. Yang was a teaching professor at NYU’s Dental College and many of the area’s dentist were taught by him and still consult with him on their difficult cases. Chris his cheerful office admin assistant keeps you well informed of appointments and works closely with your insurance carrier letting you know what is covered and your share of any cost could be before work is performed. They are both very honest and fair people that you deal with at the office and you never feel rushed or that the office is over booked. All of my appointments have been pleasant experiences and I have been seen within 5 minutes of the appointment time.

Kennith J.

I’m a patient of Dr. Yang for about 20 years. I see Dr. Yang every 6 month or so for my dental check-ups and it’s always a pleasure to be there. He took care greatly about all my dental needs over the years. I appreciate his care very much and love his office. I always recommend Dr. Yang to all my friends and family.

Chris R.

Dr. Yang and Chris are the best! No one hates going to the dentist more than I, but they made my experience very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend going to Dr. Yang!

Gloria G.

Dr. Yang is, by far, the best dentist I’ve ever had. I fully trust him with the health of my teeth and have been seeing him for almost 15 years – even during the eight years that I had to travel a half-hour to get to his office. And now that I am married and back in Parsippany, I bring my wife to him, too. He is caring, understanding and knowledgeable (and a heck of a nice guy, too). His assistant, Chris, is friendly, welcoming and also an all-around great guy.

Daniel G.

My family have been patients of Dr. Yang for last 21 years. Dr. Yang earned our trust and respect with our first visit in 1997. Since then we keep on visiting Dr. Yang at least every 6 months to have him take care out dental health. Beside the excellent skill, professional service and reasonable fee, Dr. Yang and his office manager Chris are also very kind, attentive, trustworthy.

Since we relocated to Princeton area in 2000, we decided to continue see Dr. Yang even that means a long trip drive up ( with traffic, it sometime takes us two hours). My daughter now lives out of state, but she refuse to let other dentist touch her teeth. she only trust Dr. Yang’s hand.

if your current dental visit causing you sleeplessness a night before, please do yourself a favor to see Dr. Yang by giving Chris a call. You will understand there is also “Frist Class” service in dental care. even better, without the First Class price tag.

Larry X.

My family and I have been with Dr Shuyuan Yang for nearly 20 years. He is a fantastic dentist, he works with great detail and care. During each consultation, he takes his time to discuss all issues, inspects your gum and each of your tooth, do the cleanings personally and carry out any fillings or sensitive treatments with due diligence and utmost care. If you want to have a beautiful smile pls go to him. We would highly recommend him as your family dentist.

Abu H.

Dr. Yang and Chris are absolutely phenomenal! I’ve been going to them for 15 years — they are honest, credible and take the time to understand your personal needs and interests. The care and attention they take is unmatched! Highly recommend.

Heidi G.

My family and I found Dr. Yang purely by luck as the previous dentist was retired and Dr. Yang took over his old office and renovated it. I was skeptical about seeing Dr. Yang in the beginning as both my kids and I were traumatized from previous dentist’s old school technics. I also had some horrible experiences with few other dentists before. Once we started going to Dr. Yang, my kids and I were so happy that we finally found a great dentist that we trust to take care our dental health. His office is modern with new technology. We are comfortable and relaxed. Chris, the office manager is super friendly. He always call to remind us about our appointment. We have been going to Dr. Yang for 20 years. My kids are grown up and move to different states/ country. They always come back to see Dr. Yang for check up. I would highly recommend to see Dr. Yang for your dental care.

Adeline H.

Dr. Yang is amazing! He helped me out in an emergency situation. His assistant Chris always finds time to fit you into the schedule if needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone! He is very knowledgeable and also reasonably priced compared to some other places I have been to.


Dr Yang is amazing. He is very thorough, provides clear explanations and helps me make the right choices for my optimal dental health. I would highly recommended him.

Maria M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Yang’s for most of my life. With any doctor, if you find the right one, you will never want to switch or move to someone else. He has seen me through straightforward check-ups/cleanings, teenage to adulthood cavities, and root canals (I am not the best or most cooperative of patients). To me, he has exhibited only the highest level of professionalism, kindness, and courtesy. He is also able to let me know what is wrong, explaining to me in layman terms what is going on with my teeth. He is clearly a great instructor as well. I have never known him to be rushed for time or flustered, though goodness knows I am not the easiest person in the dentist chair to deal with. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone who wants only the best dental care! Additionally, his assistant, Chris, makes me feel at ease during every visit I have had; he is just super down-to-earth, sympathetic, and friendly. Somehow, even though I am sweating buckets whenever I go into the office with tooth pain, I am made to feel much more relaxed and comfortable. And I leave feeling assured and much better.

Katherin C.

I must say, I have been so happy to visit my dentist.
Chris is so prompt to make or adjust our dental appointments, as it fits our schedule.
They never make us wait 👍

Dr. Yang and Chris are so sincere. It always feels
Wonderful to see them both.
Our family have been seeing him for + 20 years.

My daughter lives in NYC, and she prefers Dr. Yang to take care of her dental needs.

I think all of his patients feel the same special treatment From both Chris and Dr. Yang.
They make you feel, you are their only priority.

Jessmin H.

Since meeting Dr. Yang and being in his care (and that of his assistant, Chris), I no longer dread a dental appointment. I proudly stick to my regular (every 6 months) visits, for cleaning and x-rays. I have maintained this relationship for over 10 years and, honestly, have never left Dr. Yang’s office unhappy or dissatisfied, in any manner.

In fact, one of the last fillings Dr. Yang worked on in my mouth made me feel beautiful! He did NOT give me that silver filling; instead, it was a filling tinted to match the color of my teeth — it blended in with the rest of my “ivories” in a lovely way. Truly, I smiled broadly when I saw Dr. Yang’s work — once I was able to relax enough to peek in the mirror and discover this unexpected surprise!

Dr. Yang is truly compassionate; he is skilled enough to handle a variety of patients (quirky, like me!); and has the wisdom and experience to know when a problem is serious (needing immediate care) or is just a dental issue to keep an eye on.

Admittedly, a dental practice can only attend to a narrow part of my overall health. However, I feel I get much more when I keep my appointments with Dr. Yang. I am confident that my regular visits to this office will help keep my entire body in good order.

I thank Dr. Yang and Chris for creating a dental office which is (almost) a fun experience! Seriously, I know how fortunate I am to have found Dr. Yang. It was serendipitous for me — I know I can enter Dr. Yang’s office, be welcomed, and feel the light-hearted vibe which is essential to help us all focus on dealing with the issue at hand: Acquiring the best dental health possible!

Pat M.

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Yang for more than 20 years and it’s always a great experience to visit his office. Our dental health has improved due to his loving care! The office manager, Christopher is a very friendly and passionate individual. The facility is state of the art with all the latest equipment, including digital X-rays. The office is beautiful and the warm, welcoming atmosphere almost makes going to the dentist fun! Dr. Yang is always on time. You never need to wait. We highly recommend Dr. Yang.

Edith C.

How good is Dr. Yang? When I moved from Parsippany to Little Falls, there were plenty of local dentists I could have seen. But I drove the 15 miles out of my way for eight years to stick with Dr. Yang, because I trust him fully with the health of my teeth. Now I am back in Parsippany, and I am glad he is still here, too.

Daniel G.

Dr. Yang is friendly, gentle and patient. His office staff with friendly people and very clean. I highly recommended. Come see Dr. Yang for your dental procedure!

Penny K.

Best doctor!!! Smart, Skilled, Trustworthy – he’s the guy to see! And he stays super cool and stylish while doing it all… smiling emoji with sunglasses included in this review

Suzie L.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Yang for around 15 years. During that time I have had numerous procedures (fillings, crowns, bridge, whitening, etc.) for which the work has been excellent & I am totally satisfied. Dr. Yang explains what procedures he recommends along with the options and the insurance implications. This gives me the confidence to know I am making a fully informed decision that is right for me. What I particularly appreciate is the manner in which Dr. Yang (Christopher actually) runs the office. Scheduled appointment times are adhered to allowing me to plan my day. I should also mention that when I have had to change appointments or had a dental emergency Chris has been very accommodating to meet my needs.

Phil N.

對病人耐心、手藝精巧、術後細心呵護。(Patience, craftsmanship and aftercare.)

Susie C.

My family has been going to Dr. Yang for many years and we have always had excellent care. He is honest and explains options when major work is needed. He actually replaced one of the crowns my previous dentist did that I had so many issues with and it was perfect. Chris in the office is so friendly and knows how to work with the insurance companies. I recommend Dr. Yang to anyone I know who is looking for a great dentist.

Andrea H.

This place is absolutely fantastic. At the end of every visit, everything was explained in detail on what needs to be done in the future. We highly recommend!

Samantha M.

I’m 38 years old and have been his patient of Dr. Yang’s since I was 17 years old. That is 21 years that he took great care of me. With my first visit I knew this office would be my primary dental office. From Chris (his assistance) to Dr. Yang, I felt like a valued patient. The group is super friendly, funny, and genuinely cares about his patients. Best doctor in any profession I’ve ever had, by far! Also, the location of the office is perfect and easy to find. I was taken care of in every arena in his office and highly recommended it to my friends and family!!!

Mitul P.


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